Progressed some more today. I've now nearly finished the frame of the back end of the car… There's a few awkward to do welds left that I can't be arsed with doing today, but apart from that, it's just bracketry for the parallel link arms and the rear coilovers left to do at the back of the car. There'll be loads of other bracketry for the floor, panels etc, but very little structural left to do at the back.

Some photos then!

I'm very happy with the result. I've tried to deal with the main forces produced by the diff, axle and rear shocks, and I've loaded them into the spaceframe as best I can. I have to say, next time I do this, I'll build the tunnel first, as it's a bloody nightmare trying to get to some of the welds in the middle with a TIG torch!

Next step is to build the de-dion axle, and I've rolled some tubing to give me the size and thickness I'm after to go round the driveshafts. Next up is to get the flanges made which weld to the driveshaft tube and the de-dion tubing, the hub carriers bolt to these, and then I can get it all aligned and weld it up. I think It'll be worth making a jig for, as it has to be spot on. After that, then I've got to make all the link arms, and hey presto… one back axle!

Once I've done that done and dusted, then I'm going to start needing an engine! I can't go any further forward than the B pillar, as I don't know where the engine/box/driving position will end up, which kinda stumps me a bit! It'll be a couple of months before I order it, and it'll take 6-8 weeks to arrive as it'll be shipped. Because of this, I've ordered the metal I'll need to make the fuel tank, and a load of aluminium box section to make up the strength for the floor at the back. If I get really stuck for things to do, then I'll start the rear bulkhead and the rear floor. I've ordered a radiator core from pace which should be large enough to work effectively in the back of the car, so that'll need mounting, and there's a whole load of cowling needed for that.

hmmm.. the more I think about it, I don't think I'll be stuck for things to do!

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