lol, cheers azzi.

Things have been very quiet of late, due to me working 12 hour shifts all month! the bad news is that I'm getting nothing done on the car… the good news is that I can afford my ls1 next month.

I've also been doing some research on dry sumps systems for the LS1, and I'm looking at getting mine from www.drysump.com. I phoned them up this evening, and had a good chat, the result of which I'm going to order:

Sump pan
4 stage pump
Bracketry for the pump
pulley arrangement with harmonic damper
valve covers with oil feeds (cools the springs)
Remote filter arrangement
various seals and brackets

It won't be the cheapest system available, but it'll be suitable for when I get the rev limit up to 7000+rpm. Here's a pic of the pump attached to a ls1 block

Ever since I first dry sumped an XE, I've been very keen on them, and this will keep me happy 😉

I'm going ot order the engine next month, I just need to decide on exactly what I'm going to need. The biggest dilemma is what ecu to start with… do I start with a stock ecu and upgrade to a dta at some point, or bite the bullet and get a dta now. getting a DTA ECU now will save me a 3-400 quid in the long term, but will mean I have to get it mapped before I can drive it. I've got till the 20th of Novemver (payday) to make my mind up!

I also should be getting my rad from pace soon, as I ordered one a month ago. they reckoned it'd be ready by the 8th of october, I must remember to chase them up on monday!

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