Things are stating to progress on the engine front. I've been talking to the weirdly named


Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center


. They're very knowledgeable and helpful, and after some extensive chatting.. er consultation, the spec is nearly finalised…

6.0L displacement
LS2 aluminium block


AFR 225 CNC's LS1 Heads


Lunati LS1 Forged 4340 Crankshaft
Crower Sportsman LS1 Connecting Rods
Custom JE pistons
Dry sump system (see a few posts back for details)
Cromolly pushrods
Jesel Rocker Arms
Solid roller lifters
Cam Specs.
Inlet 249 deg .642" (16.4mm) lift
Exhaust 255 deg .646" (16.4mm) lift
108 degree lobe centre
Electric Water pump
Not sure on what valve springs to use yet

it should be weighing in at the 175kg mark, and be kicking out in the region of 500bhp. The power band is 4000-7500, and it's specifically designed to not have much bottom end torque, this is to make it more road drivable. Obviously the definition of 'not have much bottom end torque' is relative, bearing mind that the engine is 6.0L, it'll probably be 150-200lb ft at 2000rpm.

I'm going to order the block, heads, and bellhousing tomorrow afternoon, and they should be with me in the middle of december. Then it's the dry sump the month after, and the remaining engine internals after that.

Some pics they've sent me.

Should keep me interested!

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