Hi Nat,

Sounds like you're doing well with the grasstracking! The XE powered 7 sounds like it'll end up an entertaining project when it's done!

Hopefully the LS2 will be arriving sometime in March. I'm getting a block and heads to start me off, and then will build the engine up as funds become available.

I found some great stuff for the car at the autosports show. Quartermaster do a complete clutch/small flywheel/bellhousing/reverse starter kit which'll move the starter out of the way of the pedal box, and enable me to lower the engine as much as possible. I also had a very useful chat with the guys from drysump.com, and now I can build up the oil tank and sort out the plumbing up to the rear bulkhead.

Speaking of plumbing, I'm going to start ordering all the plumbing/fuel system bits I need from the states, as worst case, it works out at half the price of the UK. www.sumitracing.com is a good place to start shopping!

The AC TIG I got from www.westermans.com, it cost £1100+VAT. It's worth every penny though, as it's opened up a whole world of fabrication possibilities. My next car will soooo have an aluminum spaceframe!

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