lol, well, I forgot to take any, so I'll describe them 😉

I've finished the fabrication of the fuel tanks. The second one is also foam filled and has a gauge sender in it.

The main focus of today was designing the back axle. I've taken a load of measurements and designed the watts linkage and actual axle. I need to draw up a load of parts for lasercutting, then I'll be in a good position to start building it. I need to do some research into bearings as I need to identify a suitable one for the watts linkage.

Once I've got all the bits I need, I'll do a trial build with some ordinary tubing and make sure I've got the range of movement I need and that everything fits. I need to determine what wheel size and width to go for (I've grudgingly come to the conclusion that the 15's I've bought are too small for the power I'll be running) and purchase them as the offset and size affect the ride height and width of the axle.

Once that's done, I'll do the real fabrication using some 3" 16 gauge CDS I bought for the job. I'll then figure out the brake setup for the rear and do any necessary fabrication/machining work.

When the axle's in place I can build the shock mounts on the chassis and then finish the rear floor structure. I'll also be able to finalise the placement of all the bits that need to go in the rear half of the car:

dry sump tank
fuel pumps and swirl pot
radiator (i'm not happy with where it is)
washer jet resovoir tank
fuel tanks (I know where they're going but I've not finalised the exact placement yet)
brake line plumbing

Some of that lot will need fabricating and purchasing so should keep me busy for a while! That time will be also used for saving money towards the engine as once the backs done, I need the engine to make any more headway on the cabin and the front of the car.

Sorry about the lack of photos… I'll take some next time I'm up there!

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