Righty! Time for a mother of an update.

Very little has happened on the car since the last update, but there's been plenty of work behind the scenes. First, some pics of the car (and Brian)

Firstly, the back axle. I'm looking at prototyping it at the weekend, as I've got a 3 day one! I know how I want to make it, so I'm going to make a proof of concept. The bits I need to make are the flanges which connect the de-deon tube with the hubs (they also have the lower damper mount on them, and the parallel arm mounts), the watts linkage bits for the centre of the axle, and the chassis mounts for the parallel arms. I also need to revise the drawing of the ford hub flanges as they're not correct.

My aim this weekend it to make up a mock axle, and to get the measurements from it to enable me to get the parts I need for the real axle laser cut. that way I get a lot better accuracy than if I make the bits by hand. I'll hopefully also see/overcome the potential problems with the design.

So, when that lots done, I'll be able to build the axle and mount it to the chassis. I now have all the driveshaft bits I need to make a complete, working rear end, so I'll be able to put that lot together and all that's left is brakes and wheels.

I've quite a combination of brakes to use on the rear, as I've purchased some manta uprights complete with disks and AP calipers from V8Chevette, which sorts out my front brakes so I've all my original ap kit to use on the rear. I'm going to be using 315mm disks and some GroupA Rear calipers, which leaves me some 280mm disks and some AP 4 pots Calipers spare so they'll be going on ebay soon.

Here's the uprights

So, that's the chassis.

I've been looking at the engine, gearbox, and clutch stuff for the car, and I'm now at a point where I know exactly what I want to purchase.

I've been doing loads of homework on engine stuff, and the conclusion is that I'm not going to order anything for a good few weeks yet, as the exchange rate is pants at the moment. it's due to go up from 1.77 to 1.85ish over the next 6 weeks, and this will save me about £450. if it gets to 1.90 again, then I save about £600. it's quite a considerable saving considering all I have to do is sit on my arse for a while and try not to blow the money on hookers :)!

In the last 2 days it's gone from 1.73 to 1.77, so it looks like it's doing what the analyists are predicting.

Anyway, this is what I'm going to order.

Stock LS2 crate engine

This way I have a fully working engine to start with, I'll be spending enough time sorting out the chassis stuff, let alone having to sort engine issues as well.

Dry sump kit, with 4 stage pump, pulley stuff, tank, remote filter, rocker cover spring oilers

This is expensive, but means that the engine can be nice and low, and won't have any lubrication issues nomatter what spec the engine/car ends up at

Bellhousing, clutch, hydraulic slave cylinder, flywheel, starter motor

this gives me a much smaller flywheel than the stock 14" item, a clutch that can take 600 lb ft, bellhousing, and reverse starter.

Richmond T10 4 speed Gearbox.

I need to explain the gearbox, as it's what's caused me some sleep loss! to get my T5 to fit, I need to get a custom bellhousing and clutch made by quartermaster. this will cost over the odds, and one off parts are a pain to get replaced if there's any issues.

The bellhousing kit is designed for a T10/T101 box, so I enquired about them and they recommended TexRacing as a supplier. Spoke to them, and they do a few different boxes.

The T10 4 speed. http://www.texracing.com/t10_transmission.htm costs $1500ish, is fully blueprinted by them, is a standardish item and has
the following different ratios

CC =2.88 1.91 1.33 1.1

Z = 3.42 2.28 1.46 1.1

Q = 2.43 1.46 1.18 1.1 Only available I nickel $ 1900.00

S = 2.43 1.61 1.23 1.1

X = 2.64 1.61 1.23 1.1

W = 2.64 1.75 1.33 1.1

The box can take 500bhp before it gets unreliable, so will be fine as a starter box.

The T101 http://www.texracing.com/t101.htm is a full race spec box, straight cut, integral oil pump, interchangable ratios etc, costs $6500, and regularly takes 850bhp in nascar races. It has the same dimentions, shaft types and bellhousing mountings as the T10 box so is a direct swap. The plan is to start off with the 4 speed, then upgrade to the T101 when I can afford it.

My main worry now is that the rear diff won't be strong enough!

Still, I'm now in the position where I have the funds available to purchase this lot, so when the exchange rate is good enough, I'll order it all, and hopfully by next spring, I'll have all the basic chassis stuff done.

Well, I can dream, can't I?

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