Well, it's arrived!

The throttle is bloody massive, the picture doesn't give the scale as well as I'd hoped, but it could happily eat my ipod!

Lets just say I have the horn!

The dry sump system is due to arrive at the beginning of next week, and all the plumbing bits and bobs should arrive maybe that week, possibly the week after. All that's left then is the gearbox, and I'll have nearly all the expensive components.

Tomorrow, I'm planning to have a really good clearout of the garage, and to reorganise it to make some space. There's loads of crap to get rid of, and a load of stuff to go on ebay. I also want to de-cobweb the garage and give it a coat of white paint, which i'll do when I'm moving stuff about.

Once that's done, I'll be ready for some serious progress on the car. 🙂

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