Me too.

I've got the week off of work, and have been down at the garage every day apart from today. instead of throwing the engine in the car, I've started organising the garage a lot better. I'm cleaning up the walls and ceilings, painting it all, and shifting stuff about to make the whole place a bit better organised.

Yesterday brian and me managed to practically fill a builders skip with unneeded junk and bits of cars we'll never need! Tomorrow should see the place back in some semblance of order, and the majority of the painting done. Then it's cleaning up the cars and I'll be ready to start. I've not taken any photos, but it looks 100 times better than before.

I'm waiting for the dry sump bits, snd until they arrive there's no point in putting the engine on the table and getting excited. It'll be much better to do all this when the place is ready for me to get on with it.

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