Well, mammoth update time.

The garage has come on well. it's nearly finished, just some shelves to build and a tyre rack to make, then we'll have a place for everything to go. It's been a pain in the arse to do, but well worth the effort. the skip is now overflowing, the walls are white, and it's much cleaner!

This is how the garage looked when I started.

The skip after the first evening of filling!

it's a bit too full now, I should have taken a photo today, doh!

Anyway, enough of the boring stuff, and onto the new toys!

I put the engine onto the engine stand, and fitted the dry sump stuff yesterday evening and today. 🙂

The wet sump is surprisingly shallow and compact. It only holds 5.5L of oil, which struck me as quite a small amount for a 6.0L V8. Hey, what do I know!

The new rocker covers are much taller to allow for higher lift cams, and they have an oil spray bar in them for spring cooling. The down side is that the engine covers now don't fit as the coil packs now sit too high, and the plug leads are a bit too taut. This can be remedied by redrilling the coil pack mount to lower them, and it should fix both problems.

The stock manifolds, crank pully, flexiplate, waterpump and engine mounts came off, and won't be going back on! 🙂 The water pump will be replaced with an electric one, the crank pulley is replaced by the one from the dry sump kit, and the rest is production junk.

Next came the removal of the stock oil pump outer gear. The LS2 has a crank mounted oil pump, and this was very easy to take apart 🙂

Then it was time to drop the sump.

The wet sumo oil system looked really good. the sump was really well baffled, and the pickup pipe looked superb. Shame I'm not going to use it!

Now for the guts of the bottom end. The stock stuff looks great, really well made.

Now for the new oil pan and the pump fitment.

It's starting to look like a real engine now!

With that all done, it was time to trial fit the engine to the car.

The prognosis was not good. With the dry sump in place, the engine didn't fit, the pump stuck out too far.

There was also no space for the scavage pipes.

With the pump removed, the engine fitted perfectly. 🙁 😥 There's plenty of space for the steering rack, exhaust manifolds etc. Bugger.

So, it means that there's 2 options. chanage the engine back to a wet sump, or re-re-re-rebuild the front of the car.

I guess it's time to fire up the grinder again! 😥 😥 😥 🙄 This had better be the last time!

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