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are you going to solid mount the engine?

If so, could you mount the pump to the chassis instead?

Just a thought, probably not the nicest way to do it.

all looks AWESOME by the way!

I didn't want to solid mount it. Chassis monting the pump and the alternator did cross my mind, but it's a bit of a bodge.

I'm very keen on the option of rebuilding the front over messing about with the engine. I would like to remake it to improve clearance and access to the engine, improve the driving position, and perhaps make it a bit lighter. I can make the front much better than it is now, so I’m going to choose that option. All things going well, I'll plan it this week, and start it at the weekend.

Nat, I did want to pick your brains over de dion construction. I've seen many ways of constructing the ends, a few looked ok, and the rest downright dangerous. I'm going for a straight dedion tube, and I'm going to make the bracketry where the hubs join the tube ears quite long (8-10") as that looks like the weakest aspect of it. I've got a piece of 3" 16 gauge CDS 5 tube for the main tube, and each side, I'm going to use 3 lasercut ribs to mount the hub tube to the axle tube, then weld a sheet all round the top. Any tips on construction, especially ensuring that the allignment is correct?

How's you project situation at the moment?

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