Update after the weekend.

Lopped off the front of the manta… again! this is so going to be the last time! I laid out the engine and revisited the driving position. I'm going to wait till the bellhousing/starter bits arrive before I start construction again, as I need to know where the starter ends up before I can determine how far the engine will sit back.

I also fitted an alternator the other side to the dry sump pump, and figured out the mountings I need to make and the belt length (848mm).

The axle bits also arrived, and I'm going to attack that next weekend, as it needs some serious time spent on it to get it right.

Some shots of the garage now it's been painted. it's still got crap everywhere, but when we've finished the shelving it'll be a lot clearer. The skip is now completely full of junk, and the garage is looking much clearer (even though there's stuff all over the floor!)

This is the space we made for a clean bench. We'll probably plasterboard the walls and cover the entrance to stop dust and crap getting in there. it'll be good to have a place where we can build engines, as at the moment it's far from ideal.

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