I won't be welding the axle to the Jig, just the brackets that the axle brackets bolt to.

Anyway, I've not hav a chance to make it yet, I'm hoping that I'll get some time on the car this weekend, as I'm very keen to start the front end. I've also got some work to do on wheels before I know the axle width I'll need.

Loads of bits I need for plumbing arrived today… no wonder I'm permenently skint!

The water pump is amazing!

The bellhousing kit is due to arrive today, but no sign as of yet.

Soon I'll have all the bits I need to get on with the car for quite some months. All that's outstanding is a few more plumbing bits, and the gearbox. I'm going to try and save enough over the next 2 months so I can afford the gearbox, then I'll be sorted!

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