Managed to spend some time on the manta at the weekend. I spent some time figuring out the placement of all the fuel pumps, coolers, rad, swirl pot, Dry sump tank and drain, and breather. Once I sussed all that, I started on the radiator mounting at the back.

I've decided to mount the rad on the boot floor, and the oil tank will be mounted just above it. I'm going to build the ducting onto the rad so it’s all self contained. I'm building the chassis so I can remove the rad easily, and I'm also going to put some strengthening around the radiator in case of a rear impact. I should be able to get it finished next week. Here’s where I got to.. it’ll make more sense when it’s progressed further.

One of the things I've been mulling over is putting a 6r4 style rear bulkhead in. it'll make my life a lot easier when constructing it, but will minimise the space in the cabin. I think I'll get the car together before I need to think any more about it.

I'm also ready to build the axle. I’ve made the flanges for the hub carriers to bolt to (the ones that were lasercut before weren’t accurate enough), and I've welded them to the tubes I rolled. All that's left to do is to make the jig and weld the axle. I'm probably going to make 2 axles, one for the 6r4 rear wheels, and the other for the 17” split rims that Brian has squirreled away.

I can fit some 335/35/17 on the rears and 275/40/17 on the fronts. The 16” will take 275/40/16, and the fronts I've not bought yet, but they’ll probably be 245/45/16. Khumo make theses sizes in the same tyre that I'’m running on the GT4 (road legal tarmac rally tyres), and I’m sure others will too.

Oh, fitted the water pump too! Crap photos though.

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