Managed to spend some quality time at the garage this weekend.

Tacked one of these together..

It's a standard width axle with ½ degree of -ve camber and ½ degree toe in. it needs fully welding and the bracing putting in, and then it's ready to be bolted on. I've sussed out the chassis mountings, and I'll fit them next weekend.

Anyway, I got bored of axle stuff, and mounted the fuel tanks. The tanks sit on a quite uneven base, and being sheet aluminium, fracturing is a concern which means welded brackets are out of the question. I decided to make a foam insert for the tanks so they're held in and protected at the same time. A few bin liners, cans of expanding foam, and sticky gloves later…

Once the foam fully hardened, it worked very well as a mounting. When I've panelled the area around the tank, I'll finish the mountings by extending them upwards.

Now the tanks are mounted, I got a bit excited and started the fuel system plumbing. I mounted the low pressure pumps which feed the 2 tanks, the filters for them, the return from the swirl pot to the tank, and the lower balancer pipe for the 2 tanks. the balancer pipe actually goes under the rear diff as it's the only place where it doesn't go next to either the prop or the driveshafts, so it needs a dry break coupling in the middle if I'm to be able to change the diff without draining the fuel tank!

It looks great in the flesh, the pics aren't great, I'll try and remember my decent camera next weekend to get some better pictures.

In order to get the rear bulkhead fuel system finished, I've got to:

Finish making the swirl pot ( it needs a base welding on)
Get the AN adapters I need for the fuel injection pump and filter
Mount the FI Pump
Use some hose clamps to keep it all tidy and stop it all rubbing.
Sort out the fuel tank breathing.

Nearly forgot, I did some more on the radiator mounting and dry sump tank mount.

I've probably a day's work on the rad to:

get the rad properly mounted
the cowling made
remake the end caps to suite it's new location
finish the removable chassis bars to enable easy access

I'm looking forward to next weekend, There's loads to do, plus the bellhousing/clutch is due to arrive. It went AWOL in Chicago airport for a week or so, but apparently is now in the UK and winging it's way to me now! When that gets here and I'm ready to do the front section of the car, I'll make up a mock gearbox and bolt it to the bellhousing so I can get the tunnel the right size and shape.

I'm looking forward to building the front, it'll be great to get on with now that the back is nearly done.

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