ot loads done on the manta at the weekend. It's got 95% of the structure at the back now, and all I've got to do now is mount the dry sump tank, remake the swirl pot, a few plumbing bits, and it's time to make the front. I'm gutted that I forgot my camera and phone yesterday, as it looks great! the wheels are bolted on, the rad's bolted on, the axle fitted, it's all there! I think I'll be popping up during the week to do some more and take some photos!

I had to remake the back axle as it was too narrow (by 3" for the driveshafts to fit into, I think i've just figured out why that is. I used 7" diff shafts on a 7.5" diff fitted with 7" diff flanges. There is a big size difference between the 7.5" and 7" diffs, which means I've accidentally widened the track! 🙂

Todo list for the back end

Woblink+links and brackets
brake caliper mounting brackets
correct driveshafts
coilover mounts
anti rollbar mounts
brake plumbing
swirl pot
mount dry sump tank
mount FI fuel pump and filter
dry break coupling for fuel tank balancer pipe.

there's a couple of days work there. What I'll probably do is do the woblink and coilover mounts, and then start on the front. the other jobs will be light relief for when the front's pissing me off.

Front end priority list

move dashbar up for engine clearance.
driving position – need gear stick, column and steering wheel to finish
resume suspension design.
figure out front wheel size, width and offset.
finish suspension design
exact engine position
make front subframe with rack, wishbone and coilover mounts
gearbox alignment (for propshaft)
make tunnel and mount subframe
mount seats for real, aye!
link front end to the cage/chassis structure
design pedal box, link to tunnel and brace!
mount engine
get prop made
steering column
exhaust manifold
bulkhead around pedals
front bulkhead
rear bulkhead
water, petrol and oil plumbing through car

That's the overall master list at the moment. should keep me busy for about a year or so!

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