Took a trip to the garage last night, as Brian promised to turn up and make the tea.

First thing (after a cup of tea) was moving the dash bar. I put in a new one 3" above and a couple of inches back which gives loads of space for the engine to move up slightly. It also will make it easy to remove the engine from the top as there's now space to lift it out. With the dash bar in place, I removed the old one, and moved the engine up the necessary 1/2".

Engine mount time! Now that everything's in the right place, it's time to start attaching the engine to the frame. Before I built up the mount, I planned the pedal box structure, as it's tight for space down there, and there's a lot of strength and structure that needs to go in a very confined space. I've planned out how I'm going to do it, but first I need to get the structure in to support the engine.

The engine mount in the pics is a Manta wishbone bush. It's only got a flange on one side so, I'm going to cut them down, and use 2 per side. They're a lot softer than the escort leaf spring bushes, but still well up to the job.

Here's the beginning of the engine mounting

And with the pedals in place

Here's the other side of the car showing floor bracing that's going to be going in.

At the moment, it looks like I'm only working sunday this weekend, so Saturday will be spent at the garage finishing the engine mounts, building the chassis rails and helping Brian make some shelves.

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