Went up to do some more bulkhead, couldn’t be arsed, so finished off one of the manifolds, and started putting the silencer together.

The silencer is held on with a vclamp – I hate slip couplings. They always get stuck, leak and generally annoy me.

Silencer is 1m long, lol, and they’ll exit out of the sides in front of the rear wheels. The silencer length is because I’m not running a balancer pipe. This is needed as the engine has a 90 degree crank, and therefore uneven firing on each bank of 4 cylinders. This means that the scavaging will be poor, and basically, it’ll be very noisy.

Internet forums* think not to run a balancer pipe will cost me approx 25Bhp (400 as stock, so I think I’ll live with 375) , but the long term plan with the car is get it set up/reliable with the engine as stock, and then it gets 2 turbos. These will naturally quieten the engine.

Next, I’ve got to add the lambda bung, build the silencer up properly and support both it and the manifold properly.

And then the other side needs doing.

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