06-03-2012 Exhausts and rainbows

06-03-2012 Exhausts and rainbows

And now for something completely different. Saturday brought some very strange weather.

And back to the car. Silencers both on, the result is a much quieter car – still noisy though πŸ™‚


Next on the list is to measure up for the driveshafts, and to get the floor in. I’ve got some sierra cosworth 2rd driveshafts knocking about and they have the 108mm lobro cv joints which I’ll be using on the Aston Martin Diff. I’m using them to help me to determine the correct driveshaft length.

It’s a tricky thing to get right, as the cv’s have plunge in them, and the correct length will have the cv’s in the middle during normal ride height, and have enough movement in them in droop and squat so they don’t bind.

The last piece of the puzzle is to get the de-dion axle centered, which I’ve roughly done, but I need to get it accurate before I’m happy to take the measurements.

One of the driveshafts fits ok as is, so technically, It’s now 1wd πŸ™‚

I’ll do the other side at the weekend.

The other jobs I’ve been working on are the floor, the electrics and the steering arms.

In order to put the floor in, I needed to start thinking about the sidepod width. The silencers will fit into the side pods, and I want them to be the full width of the car. To help me visualise the final solution, I built up the front suspension and dropped the wheels on.

It looks better and better all the time. πŸ™‚

The nightmare steering column is back on.

In order to get this far, I needed to replace the oem plug leads on this side as the steering column would go through them. There’s one lead made up above, and the other 3 are now done. More photos of that and the floor to follow, I forgot to take photos last night.

Electrics are taking a step forward, I spent some time grafting connectors onto the dash so that it’s very easy to remove. it looks like a wiring car crash at the moment, as it’s not finished, but once I’ve got all the wiring complete I’ll tidy it up and secure it properly.

When I assembled the front suspension, I found that the steering arms are binding at full droop. They were a temporary thing anyway, but it looks like the time has come to make the real ones.

This weekend’s job list is to replumb the oil pressure gauge, add in a low oil pressure switch, find and fix a minor oil leak around the dry sump pump, and then progress with the floor and the driveshaft measurements.

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