Ready for a test drive

Ready for a test drive

The Manta is once again ready for a test drive. Everything is together and working okay. No oil leaks, and nothing getting too smokey. I warmed it up with some fresh petrol to check everything and waited for the cooling fan to kick in. Everything seems perfect, so hopefully that’s how it’ll drive! 😀

Broom, Broom! 😀


Chris, The coolant system is using a Davies Craig EWP115 electric water pump. The coolant system is arranged as below. I will get a few photos for you in the next post. Thanks for your interest!

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    Very nice manta with V6 😉
    i like the trompets!

    I have a question: Can u explain me, how u built your water supply? I ‘ve seen that you rip of your original water pump. so where is the place of the electrical water pump? Does it work?

    Regards, Chris

  2. Brian_S Post author

    Hi Chris,

    The electric water pump is placed in the lower radiator hose. I can can grab a quick photo for you next time I’m up there. I blocked off the thermostat port in the block with a very large bolt + nut, I don’t think I have any photos of that though.

    Cooling appears to work fine, I’ve not had any issues other than there being a bit of over-cooling on motorway cruising. Coolant generally stays at around 90deg when thrashing the car around! 🙂

    But I’ve not tried the new radiator position yet, so we’ll see!


    Thank you for your quick answer! Why have u closed
    The Return Way of the water to the Radiator??? Maybe i’m missunderstanding..

    A few Pics would help!
    I’m on a Kadett c Coupé with V6 And Turbo 😉
    I want to get rid of the Belt because of Space 😉


  4. Brian_S Post author

    Hi Chris,

    No problem. I’ve inserted a quick diagram of the coolant system layout which might help. I’ll get some photos for you next time I’m in the garage with my camera on me!

    Best Regards, Brian.


      Hi Brian,

      thank you for the diagram. It is the thing i was looking for! I wanna buy the same pump. It cost about 200 bucks. Do you regulate the pump bei PWM or only on/off ? I want to build a small controller for this!

      Regards, Chris

      1. Brian_S Post author

        Hi Chris,

        No problem. I use the Davies Craig controller too. This pump doesn’t like PWM control. I tried this using a DTA PWM output and mapped it vs. water temp, but it didn’t work. The Davies Craig controller is in fact analogue, it uses a processor so they call it digital, but it’s output is an analog voltage between ~7-12V.

        Best Regards, Brian.


    Hello, that was monumental trying to sign on being a computer numpty,!!

    I have been looking at your Manta, nice bit of kit, running individual TBs (I had Jenveys on my last RV8) what sort of power do you get, are cams available etc
    I have a HB viva that is due to be hit with the modifying stick very shortly, its going to be dropped a small amount, split rim 13s, and initially, it was going to get a Omega Ecotec, then a Calbra Turbo Redtop, but in reality they are both pretty boring engines and have been done before in vivas,
    I do think the engine has to be a Vauxhall/Opel engine, I have been a RV8 person for years, but they are so expensive to tune!!!!!,
    Where do I start, I fancy a Omega V6 in the Viva, not got one as yet, but im looking, either a 3.0 or 3.2, the only problem(s) I can see it the sump, as its a front bowl, obviously a dry sump is an option like yours, I have a pump in the shed, or is there a simpler method?? a rear bowl sump??,
    Management, I know I can get the stock ECU de immobolised, and chipped quite easily to 230hp, I do have an old early MD3 Emerald in the garage, but it is ancient, and I think I would prefer to run a more up to date system, I do intend to run the stock inlet front facing plenum, but hopefully run it de cluttered, and bin the emmissions etc,
    Another simple question is, —– where is the starter, I cant see a picture of it anywhere??

    Sorry for so many questions

  6. Brian_S Post author

    Hi Ian,

    Sorry, hope you don’t mind – I moved your post from the Welcome page to here.

    You’ll be best off getting an Omega V6 + The box to go with it. I decided to go a different route and got a Ford T5 gearbox, and a bellhousing to suit with a custom prop. You’ll need a custom prop too, but the box should fit fine and you can use a standard clutch setup.

    I am running a DTA S80 mapped by the amazing Steves’ at Track and Road ( )

    The starter is on the driver’s side in the manta install. It’s under the exhaust manifold so the only place you’ll see photos of it is when the engine is being built up.

    You can fabricate a wet sump similar to the 1.8 sump type used on the 20XE conversion, but you’ll have to make something custom as the block has a different layout compared to the 20XE.

    Good luck with your project! 😀 Brian.

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