Stripping the T5 Gearbox

Stripping the T5 Gearbox

I’ve started stripping the Cosworth T5 gearbox as it had play in the input shaft (even though it didn’t when it went in a few miles ago!) and a very noisy fifth gear. Likely it’s just bearings that need replacing.

One of the bearings is a Timken 28577 / 25821 – the rest I’ll have to look up. The input shaft bearing is new anyway, I changed that when I replaced the input shaft.

EDIT: The SKF Part number for this bearing is 25877/2/25821/2/Q

Anyway, the gearbox is partially apart. Next week I’m off work, so I’m probably going to get on with it then – I really want the car back together! 🙁 Only getting to drive it a few miles sucks!!!!

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