Had a great blast in the Manta

Had a great blast in the Manta

Finally the day came where I could have a good blast in the Manta. We tooled up with camera’s and started her up. That was such a fun morning! Nice to get up the garage, blast around in the car and have some fun and then head home without having to do anything messy or annoying! šŸ˜€ WooHoo!

Nothing fell off or blew up either, so that’s a bonus! The first video is my favourite, I’m guessing we’ll remember that day for a long time as it was just so much fun!


One thought on “Had a great blast in the Manta

  1. cardiff space man

    I had a Dodge Stealth sitting on my driveway for a while and brought it back to life with a new battery and THAT was surprisingly fun. It had sat there so long, the brake discs and pads needed serious attention from a local mechanic as they stuck to each other. BTW a Stealth was a rebadged Mitsubishi 3000, and mine also had a lesser engine than the M. 3000 was sold with in the States. I hope you continue to enjoy your Manta.

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