Most of the stuff on this page is as-of Windows 7 (Most of it will apply to XP though)

Ease Of Use

Registration key to enable Open Command Window Here option when right clicking in any folder in Explorer.


Sharing printers across Windows machines on the same Home network should be a piece of cake – but regularly I used to get “Could not connect to printer” messages! To share the printer, enable sharing on the machine where the printer is physically connected, and take a note of the computer name, and the printer’s share name. Now on the next PC, add a Local printer, and add a new local port with the address \\PrinterComputerName\PrinterShareName


Console output can be re-directed easily:

program > output.txt

Creates a new file output.txt with the stdout output from program. If output.txt is already present it is replaced by a new empty file before being written to.

program >> output.txt

Appends output.txt with the stdout output from program.

program > output.txt 2>&1

Redirects stderr to stdout and logs stdout to output.txt. This means all output from program goes to output.txt – appending works the same as above too. The stderr redirection needs to be put after the output filename.

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