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Building KiCad on Windows has become a reasonably complicated process because of the amount of dependencies required. The best place to get started building KiCad on Windows is to use the KiCad-Winbuilder project which has all the dependencies included.

NOTE: Due to some concurrency issues with mingw32-make or cmake on Windows the first build has to be done with only a single process. This means the first time you build KiCad with KiCad-Winbuilder, it takes a looong time to build! Subsequent builds use parallel jobs to speed up the build process and do not take as long.

If you suffer any problems or want to improve the script please see the launchpad project page to participate.

Please report any issues for KiCad-Winbuilder to the KiCad-Winbuilder project on Launchpad and not the KiCad project.

Ubuntu (12.04) Precise

Recently (as of 2014 anyway) Dick Hollenbeck placed a script in the KiCad source repository for installing KiCad from source. Please see:

4 thoughts on “Building KiCad

    1. Brian_S Post author

      Hi Ferdna, Because I was doing a debug build. On Windows the Debug build will never work. You can simply use Release instead of Debug – it entirely depends on what you want. 😀

  1. Abdullbasit Alhaita

    Hi i have ubuntu 12.04 64-bit i followed your steps exactly and were fine until the line
    ../../configure –with-gtk –with-opengl –enable-debug –enable-debug_info –prefix=~/kicad/wx/install

    and i got this “bash: ../../configure: No such file or directory”
    what is the wrong?

    1. Brian_S Post author

      Hi, Sorry the method for building KiCad under Ubuntu has recently changed. There have been a lot of dependencies added, and so there’s a new script in the source to use to build under most Debian based systems. I’ve ammended the page.

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