Android Dash


The valvers-android-dash project provides a platform which can be used in a car to bridge a CAN network to a simple serial data stream across bluetooth to enable datalogging, dash implementations, etc.

Currently this project is up and running and runs a link between a DTA S80 CAN bus interface and some custom software running on an Android tablet to provide a real-time dashboard.

Source Code

The project’s source is hosted on Launchpad. Have a look on the project’s Launchpad home page for more details. In order to get the latest source for the project, you’ll need Bazaar and then you can get the code using the following command:

bzr branch lp:valvers-android-dash

This will get you the latest source code. If you haven’t used Bazaar before, you’ll be best off having a look at the Using Bazaar page to get familiar with how a distributed version control system is used. There are many ways to use Bazaar though, and if you feel happiest with an SVN way of doing version control, Bazaar includes many of the SVN commands too to make your transition easier.


There are currently no downloads available for this project


Bluetooth link (Serial) protocol specification

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