PCB Libraries

KiCad PCB Libraries which are used by the Valvers Open Hardware projects. All of the open-source hardware projects on valvers use the same online PCB footprint library.

The library is hosted on Github: https://github.com/BrianSidebotham/valvers-pcb

You don’t have to bother cloning it, you can just use it directly by adding https://github.com/BrianSidebotham/valvers-pcb to your fp-lib-table in KiCad. Read the readme for the repository for further details about the fp-lib-table option in KiCad.

Most of the library was generated from python source code originally, but now, generally to make changes we just clone the repository, make changes using the KiCad Modedit application and then save back and commit. The commit will update all people’s installs who are referencing the repository.



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