KiCad Winbuilder is a project to aid people wishing to build KiCad on Microsoft Windows.

Up until recently the project merely consisted of a cmake script which was invoked by the user and would download MinGW, wxWidgets source and KiCad source in order to build KiCad. This script still had a dependencies from CMake and Bazaar, both of which needed to be installed before KiCad-Winbuilder could be used. Because of this the build system could not be de-coupled well enough from the OS and things like having WinAVR or MSYS installed and in the environment path caused build errors.

The solution was to create a complete, local environment download where the initial external dependencies were already resolved, thus we can easily control the entire build environment and should have less problems.

In order to do this, I had to register a side project to allow local installtion of bzr binaries. You can checkout the bzr-win-zip project on Launchpad.

In order to build KiCad using KiCad-Winbuilder, simply download the latest package from Launchpad and unzip to the root of harddrive, or another directory that does not contain any spaces (This IS important!). Once you’ve unzipped the package, run make.bat and wait while KiCad is built. Don’t forget to check for new releases as the KiCad codebase changes fast and tweaks to the build scripts are inevitable once in a while.

Please provide any feedback on the projects through Launchpad, all feedback is welcome. In particular bugs are of great importance, so if you do find a bug please do try and find the time to report it so that the builder can be perfected.

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  1. Mario Luzeiro

    can you please better explain:
    “2 – If you’re interested in developing or using KiCad-Winbuilder from source
    you can checkout the source for KiCad-Winbuilder and then enter the /env
    I would like to be able to develop with launchpad with a Personal Branches of kicad source code. Can you help on that?

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