Setting up Wireless Networking

Wireless networking (so long as you have a compatible usb wireless adaptor) is easy to setup under Debian Wheezy.

On a fresh install of Debian Wheezy edit the network interfaces file to add in the details of the wireless adaptor. Your adaptor will get enumerated to wlan0 so that’s the interface we’re interested in setting up. Most home systems are now using wpa-psk along with a known ssid with DHCP enabled. This is easy to setup in the network interfaces file:

[source]sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces[/source]

Add the wlan0 interface to the auto list at the top of the file so that on system startup the wireless interface is initialised:

[source]auto wlan0[/source]

Then, at the end of the file add the description for the interface:

iface wlan0 inet dchp
wpa-ssid myssid
wpa-psk mypassphrase

…and that’s it. We’re configured.

Quit nano and save the changes to the network interfaces file (Ctrl-X, y). Then manually bring up the wireless interface for this session:

[source]sudo ifup wlan0[/source]

If your settings are correct, you should see a bound IP address for your raspberry pi now and wireless networking is up and running.

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