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An attempt to share knowledge with the world. You never know, maybe something here, in a dark and dusty corner of the web might be something interesting. Welcome!

Valvers Raspberry Pi Tutorials

Learn how to program bare metal C programs for the Raspberry Pi

  • Part 1 - Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and bare metal cross-compiling. Blinking an LED.
  • Part 2 - C Runtime
  • Part 3 - Introducing CMake
  • Part 4 - Interrupts
  • Part 5 - Graphics (Basic)

V6 Opel Manta

I built a V6 Opel Manta aimed at stage rallies. You can read all about it

Denford Orac CNC Lathe

I bought one of these and upgraded the electronics/control

Raspberry Pi

There are several Raspberry Pi resources here at which may be of interest. If you've got suggestions for more, feel free to get in touch on GitHub/Brian Sidebotham