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Denford Orac Lathe

With some money that my Grandma and Grandad left me, I bought a Denford Orac CNC lathe.

It's an ex-school machine that was mainly used to turn engineering platics. It's turned out to be brilliant - I love it. After it working under it's own steam for a while I started converting it and upgrading the motor drivers, etc. to run more modern CNC control software.


Some useful resources for the Denford Orac CNC Lathe:

Denford themselves keep a set of scanned resources available on their forums.

Here's a copy of the electrical diagrams I use.

Name Link
Electrical Diagrams /dl/denford-orac/orac-mk3-electrical-drawings-small.pdf
Operation Manual /dl/denford-orac/orac-progamming-operating-and-maintenance.pdf
Brochure /dl/denford-orac/orac-brochures-and-illustrated-parts-list.pdf
Fitting a backplate instructions /dl/denford-orac/fitting-a-backplate.pdf





Here are some links to reources for the Denford Orac Lathe:

Description Link
Fitting a Lathe Backplate fitting-a-backplate.pdf