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2012-09-27 - 750W Motor Sourced

I was busy searching around for a motor to use (mainly looking to see if I could get the previously identified one any cheaper!) and I came across a 750W 2-pole 3-phase motor in a 71 Face-mount frame from The Inverter Drive Supermarket. So I quickly placed an order as the motor is also cheaper at only £60+delivery+vat=£82.

Although, perhaps the plans have changed a bit now for this motor anyway. I'm looking at converting a old bench-mount pillar drill to a z-axis which will attach to the lathe to give me a cheap, small capacity mill setup. This'll be very useful in making parts to make a better z-axis conversion.

But for now, this will prove a quick way to be able to mill some aluminium, and get at least some CNC milling capacity. It'll give me more capacity compared to using the Denford Spindle and having to put a 90-degree x-y table on the cross-slide to get milling capabilities with the lathe.

EDIT: Annoyingly, you can get this (equivalent) motor cheaper here! Typically, you can't find one at all, and then all of a sudden they're in abundance!