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BMC Card Scripts

The scripts in this directory support generating card images. These images can then be written straight to an SD card, ready to boot a raspberry pi.

Bootable SD Cards

It's important to understand the booting process of the Raspberry Pi so we can generate a bootable SD Card that the RPi will run from.

There's some information on the RPi site about the boot options in the config.txt file.

From the of the main RPi firmware respository there's some information regarding the bootcode.bin, start*.elf and fixup*.dat files.

Basically we need a FAT formatted SD Card with the bootcode.bin file and a matching set up start.elf and fixup.dat files to get the RPi to run.


Some information about the various scripts and what they do

Creates a .img file which can then be written to a card with the tool.

Writes a .img file to an SD card. This tool generally needs to be run as root so you usually need to sudo ./