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2003-07-28 - 2003-07-28

Matt (Animal) Very kindly gave me a set of front shocks that came from his V6 project manta coupe, and a set of 60mm lowering springs for my manta to get me going. It's MUCH better than standard, although with the 185/70R13 tyres, thing still feel a bit wooly! lol I'm not really suprised! We fitted these at VBOA, Billing '03. It ddin't take that long to fit them, but Animal knew all the neat tricks of doing it quickly ;)

They certainly make cornering a bit better, even on these outrageous tyres.

The harnesses help under cornering loads too. I've just changed the red OMP one for some Black ones. Still a 3-point, and still 2" webbing. I really need to upgrade to 4-point harnesses and 3" webbing, it'll be much comfier when pushing the car hard on a track. Even on the road, I notice the 2" webbing, and I notice that the harness is constantly pulling me to sit slightly differently to how I would like. Maybe I just need to set up these black ones again. The red one was fitted at Billing also, and I really didn't take the time to set that one up, so I knew it would be a bit uncomfortable. Reaching the dash and the door when it's fuilly open isn't a problem though when I'm strapped in. The only thing I can't reach is the manual choke. But I can now operate that with my foot ;) It will be going when my XE engine goes in anyway.

Well, I got hold of some of the great revolution wheels that many people use in rallying. They are light, and very strong. Most of their strength comes from the five thick spoke design, but the spokes are also deep in the alloy. The trouble with this is that caliper clearance is reduced for added strength. I have some cosworth calipers already though, that I will be running with some V6 288mm discs, and I have checked that these fit ok. They fit fine under these alloys with no spacers needed.

The revolutions are ET35, with a 7" width. I've had these for a while now, but I've only just got around to putting some tyres on them. For economic reasons ( I'm skint! lol ) I have chosen to put 195/50R15 toyo proxes T1-S all round. Initially I would have preferred to have tried a 45 profile, and gone for 195/45 up front, and 215/45 at the rear, but my bank manager said otherwise!

Here they are fitted to the car, they certainly transform the look of the car, as well as the handling

Now the car has some turn in! lol It really didn't before. I am also glad of the 50 profile, it seems to give a little, but not too much like the 70 profiles exaggerated!

On hard cornering the car can be seen to judder the inside rear wheel forwards and backwards! Just showing up how old the suspension bushes are on the car. They are in desperate need of uprating/replaciing. Other than that, the car is a hoot to drive now. Although the engine fan blowing hot air onto my left hand after being at a junction for a little while is getting annoying now! :roll: It's time I blocked the old heater matrix holes in the bulkhead, and mounted all the electrical switches onto something I can reach easily. I am thinking of putting a switch panel on the transmission tunnel by the gearstick. I can reach everything there then when I have the harness on.

At the moment, I am really enjoing the car.


list £375 - car £0 - suspension (Thank you Animal :) ) £95 - Quaife Quick rack ( not yet fitted ) £140 - 195/50 toyos x 4 - £100 - Second hand revolution wheels

/list:u TOTAL = £710