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2003-08-12 - 2003-08-12

The police have been hindering the project by stopping me when I went out onto the puiblic road with a spongey brake pedal. Less than 10minutes on the road cost me 3 points on my liscence and a £60 fine.

They also didn't appreciate the horn not working, or the holes in the chassis. So now I've put the quick rack plans on hold, as well as everything else.

The brake story came out of me trying to get the caliper hose to seal on the caliper mating face properly, but it didn't want to know. I thought I had got it done, but the next morning revealed a spongey brake pedal, and a slight weep at the caliper when under pressure from your foot. In my opinion not worth 3 points, which is what I got. I think they were definately a bit harsh.

But now I have to get another MOT on the car, which means I am busy welding the chassis. There's plenty of welding bits to be done, but they are mainly at the front of the car, the chassis rails, and the passenger + drivers floors + the drivers footwell, up by the A-pillar which has rotten through.

Be carefuly out there. Stripped out cars are easy prey for bored policemen with nothing better to do. If I had an interior I doubt they would have even stopped me at all. I wasn't speeding or doing anything to warrent getting pulled over. :(

I will update soon with photos of the welding + the new brakes that are now on, but were the cause of all my grey hairs this week.