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2003-08-23 - 2003-08-23

Blimey, actually done a few things today! These are just parts on the list for the chassis really. I rebuilt the passenger side jacking point, which had totally gone, and I've made some plates to go over the holes in the bulkhead. Also fixed up a few other bits of welding on the passenger side. There is nothing left to weld on the passenger side. The drivers side however, there is. I need to do a small part on the drivers side chassis leg, and a lot of the drivers side inner wing. :(

Still, I am aiming to have that completed tomorrow, as then all the welding for the car is done, and I'm a major step forward towards getting the car on the road again.

The drivers side caliper hose is not sealing to the caliper properly either. I think I might just pop to think auto and see what fittings they can knock up for me that will be better. I might as well get them to knock up some braided hoses really.

There, all welded up. Just needs some 'undercoat' now. Although it won't be under coat, it'll be hammerite, as I intend to do the whole of the car underside in hammerite eventually. Might as well start now!