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2004-01-06 - 2004-01-06

I've been reading up on the Blue book, a making a plan for the way forward to stage rallying the manta. A few areas have now been resolved, and some new ones have arrived.

I am getting Matt's ( Animal's ) 6-point cage off of him tp fit into my manta, as he is going to a full, multi-point weld-in cage. This sorts out my cage problem to get me started.

Rally Design sell nearly ( if not ) everything you need for prepping your car. This month I am to buy off them the following bits...

Zero 2000 2.25ltr plumbed in fire extinguisher system. £85.00 +VAT Zero 2000, and AFFF are the only two valid systems for stage rallying, and according to the blue book, for clubman stage rallying all we need as a minimum is a 2.25 lltr system, plumbed in to the engine bay, and which is operated by a T-pull handle that is situated on the scuttle panel at the bottom of the windscreen.

FIA approved cut-off switch. £16.80+VAT This is a master electrics switch, which disables all the car electrics ( Apart from any electically operated fire extinguisher systems ) including the ignition. A resistor is provided with it so that the diodes, and ECU are protected from the Alternator load dumping. ( This is where the voltage rises from the alternator when it is running, and not attached to the battery. ) Normally the alternator voltage regulator would have a voltage clamp on it, but some don't

Battery box. £16.50+VAT As I want the battery situated behind the passenger seat, it needs to be sealed ( well, vented, but essentially sealed ). Mainly to prevent leakage of battery acid in an accident. Dry-gel batteries would not need to be sealed. But I will be using a standard Lead-Acid car battery.

So, with those few things on order, I can get on with prepping the shell ( Mainly stich welding the shell, and seam welding the suspension turrets. ) Closing the bulkheads, etc. and with these few bits, the car will be close to being able to see it's first rally.

But of course I need an approved helmet, fireproof clothing ( Race suit ), and of course a National B license before I can race the car.

The car must undergo scrutineering before it turns up at any event, so soon I'll have to pop along to my local motorsport club and find out who will be doing the scrutineering. Hopefully then I can get someone to give me some advice... :)