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2004-01-26 - 2004-01-26

Okay, the Rally design stuff is here. They are a top company, they ship their stuff very quickly. They also sent me a hard copy of the catalogue so I don't have to just guess at the prices anymore! :p

Matt's moved from the 6point cage to a multipoint weld-in ( Which is looking georgous by the way!!! ) So I've brought his old 6-point cage off of him for my car..

I've made the mounting plates for the cage to sit on in the car, and it all seems to fit in o.k.

Paul (V8Chevette) mentioned a good idea of mirroring the plates, and welding the nuts onto the plate, then welding the plate to the underside of the mounting plates that are welded into the car. This means that when I box the nuts in, I can still remove and re-install the cage easily if/when the time comes that I need to do that.

The doors have been strengthened a bit, and the strengthening allows an ali sheet/card to go on each door, along with a handle. The handles work out about £0.80 ea!

As we borrowed the plasma cutter for a bit too. I took the oppurtunity to cut out the sunroof. An ali sheet is cut to cover the whole left in the roof. This will be sealed and riveted in place. The sunroof weighs about 15kG ( est. ) so is a good bit of weight to remove from the roof. It also enables the cage to fit properly!

Some may be amazed that I've actually done something too!!

Door with skeleton for ali sheet/card + cage mounting point.

Ali sheet over sunroof hole ( needs riveting on ) and top of cage. Note the amount of rust on the roof!! This all needs treating + protecting. I won't be re-skinning the roof with a new panel!

and another of the cage in place... I have also removed the dash bar as this is no longer needed. An ali dash will be made up and fitted instead of the original dash + components.