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2004-01-29 - 2004-01-29

The manta has a definate flaw in the driving position, and that is the gear position. For comfy driving I need the seat to be put quite far back ( I'm 6ft2 ). Being far back is ok as long as the steering wheel is concerned. It's still comfortable, but the gearstick is now almost out of reach, especially in 1st and reverse. So I've decided to bring it much closer to me, and put it higher up, but with less throw than the original stick, as it moves about 5in between 1st and 2nd.

I've started on the gear linkage, which begins with the stick. It has adjustable throw, and is a slightly more basic copy of an item that Audi used to use in all of their cars. I do need to get a linear bearing for the shell though, which I have sourced for about £30..

sorry it's a bit blurry, but you get the idea. The pivot point is around the bottom spherical bearing. The clevis is linked to a another clevis, which in turn fixes to a fixed pole that comes up from the shaft passing through the linear bearing on the shell. I'll dig out some imagery from the Audi cars to make it a bit plainer.. This should make driving the car a whole load more comfy than I ever found it!!