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2004-02-09 - 2004-02-09

Well, getting pictures of the Audi quattro linkage was doomed to failure! so you'll have to use your imaginations for now, until I've fitted it all to the car.

The driving position is good now. The seat is quite far back, and bringing the steering wheel down has improved the steering wheel grip and provided a comfortable position. The gearstick needs to come back about 8in or so

The cage mounting points are now fully fastened. The M10 nuts are welded to plates underneath the main spreader plates. Both the main spread plate, and the nut plates are plug welded together. This means that when the spreader plates are boxed off down to the floor, the cage can still be removed if needed.

I have also started the chassis preperation. The strut towers are being stitch welded top and bottom to the inner wing, and the inner wing is being stitch welded to the chassis leg to strengthen this area for rallying

I have mounted the pull handles for the fire extinguisher and battery cut-off. These I have mounted on the slam panel, recessed down, as suggested by Paul ( V8 Chevette ) in order to stop branches, etc. pulling the handles by accident!

Finally, I have sealed the front bulkhead. I seamwelded plates over the larger holes, and the smaller holes I simply plug welded some washers on to seal most of the bulkheadup