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2004-02-13 - 2004-02-13

Hi Mantatastic,

There is no mention in the blue book about the sunroof material being the same material as the roof as far as I can see. Someone's borrowing it at the moment, but I'll have to read it again, as this was also mentioned on so there must be something to that.

I know what you are saying about the coilovers and the the inner wings, however someone I know does rally successfully with Avo coilovers on in the standard damper position with a seam welded shell, and does not appear to have suffered any ill effects.

Having said that, Matt ( Animal ) was moaning at me the other day for saying that was my plan!! It just enables me to try out different poundages of springs easy, and also have a good play with different ride heights.

I appreciate that they are used widely, but a set of fixed shocks isn't for me I don't think. For a start, I won't be running the heavy-as-anything CIH lump, so already the weight distribution is very different to what it would be.

I'm still undecided at the moment, and I will check the sunroof thing at the weekend to see EXACLTY what the blue book specifies. I should upload the stage rally section of the blue book really as a reference page for the site.

Many thanks for the input!