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2004-04-20 - 2004-04-20 Finally got around to the manta

I have finished the cage supports, which now look a lot stonger than a single peice of 3mm steel! All the cage supports are made from 3mm steel. Sorry about the poor photographs, the light in the car is poor..

For some reason, the cutting of the bits went really well. Originally I thought that this would be a nightmare, but it proved to be pretty easy after all, and the shell seemed strong enough to get a good weld too. Previously, the sills would have holes blown in them every five minutes!

I also patched the sunroof with some ali. I will bead arouind it with silicon sealant, but not yet, as I have a roof vent I want to add to it.

8) coming along nicely now... I have measured up the dash, so I can start that soon.