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2004-06-17 - 2004-06-17

Hi People, Sorry for the lack of updates lately, been having a bit of a break and fixing the MR2 up so that it's happy on the road again, along with everything else that's been taking up my time.

I've been planning the engine rebuild, and there are now only a couple of bits left to get to enable me to rebuild the bottom end.

They are:

ARP head stud kit Z20LET head gasket Omega ring sets ( x2 pistons ) Shot peen rods ( got a local company sorted ready to do them ) Core plugs whacked back in ( only one more to do actually )

I intend to chemically dip the block now as it's been up the garage and has been covered in WD40 to prevent it from corroding. I'd like to make sure that the oil ways are clean before I go ahead and start the build. The engine will then be stored at my house instead of the garage to keep it clean and away from corrosive condensation.

The head build will be a little while off yet. I have designed some TBs that I want made up as I have decided to move away from my cut carbs plan. This is just due to me not liking how the carbs have turned out. If I did it again, I would do it in a different way with the carbs...

The drivers seat was mounted, but deemed too close to the cage, and so needs to be moved towards the tunnel more, and will be tilted towards the centre of the car slightly compared to where is started to prevent me from banging my head on the cage bar!!

The rear bulkhead panel has been made and fitted too, although the parcel shelf requires quite a few holes to be filled to make it 'liquid' tight to comply with the regs.

I need to get hold of some aluminum sheet so that I can do the door cards and rear ¼ cards, etc.. I'll also be making the dash out of some ali too.

I've got all this weekend to work on it, so hopefully I can press on and get the shell almost there. I have lightened the boot too, and that will be pinned in place with a fibreglass 400 spoiler attached. The rubber standard spoiler weighs loads!!