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2004-07-26 - 2004-07-26

Right then, that dash start is back out. I'll be running a set of Yamaha R1 clocks, so the need for a dash has gone. The switch panel will be adjusted to provide the switches just in front of where the gear linkage passes through into the transmission tunnel.

I've made a harness bar which will be welded between the rear stays of the cage. It's made of 28mm CDS. Looks good actually, as it looks like it's meant to be there!

The drivers seat has been moved so that I don't hit my head on the cage!! That was a bit of a turd finding out that after mounting the seat! lol

The subframe's back on ready to take the engine + gearbox again so that I can finish my gear linkage too.

Also I've been tidying up the bodywork a bit, although the chassis legs are next on the list! :(

I made a quick table of what I need to get for the car and the engine, with rough guestimate pricing too. I'm sure there's plenty I've forgotton to put on there too! lol But it shows that I need to be putting more money towards the Manta to get further, and it's money I don't really have at the moment. One day this thing will see the road! It's already taken far longer than I anticipated...