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2004-08-09 - 2004-08-09

:roll: that should read 38mm CDS for the harness bar, not 28!

now, I've ordered my fuel lines and fittings, as I'll have to route them through the car and fix the bulkhead fittings.

The boot is being ditched, and I'll run a fibreglass copy from smith and deakin, which comes with the 400 3-peice spoiler.

I would love to 400 arch it at this point, but I don't really know whether it's worth it on this build. I certainly want it done, but maybe not at this early stage as I would like to get the manta on the road as soon as possible, and I have to afford a snowboarding holiday in the new year and other trips around the country soon!

The engine is mounted to the subframe now, and the gearbox is in place to finish off my gear linkage. Then I'll finally see if it works or not. If the concept seems to work ok, then I'll get some spare ali billet and machine it up properly. The subframe is also being modified, and I have started by removing the bump stop towers. I am planning on running coilovers from the bottom wishbones, and replacing the top wishbones with something different to allow them to go around the coilover bodies. This maintains the stress of the spring through the bottom ball joint, which looks a lot beefier than the top ball joint!!

Unfortunately I can't find my digital camera at the moment, but as soon as I do I will be able to get some pictures up of how it's coming along.