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2004-10-13 - 2004-10-13

Made my gear linkage bottom part, which will bolt to a small tower on the tunnel and hold the gear stick. Just need to work out a nice way to make a clevis arrangement to the round bar that is the gear stick, and then the gearshift will be nearly finished! ;)

Bearing is from and cost £8.50 ! It's fine for this sort of job. Although, don't press the bearing in with the spherical part, or you'll just end up cracking the case. Especially if you whack the flypress on to it! ;) ( I speak from experience of course! )

Made some blanking aluminum plates for various bits of the manta, and riveted them in place. However, I also borrowed a mates clinchnut tool, now they rock. Got one on order now from so we should see millions of panels suddenly get bolted on! ;) It'll be great for putting fixings in place for fibreglass panels, etc.

Next on the list is a master cylinder for a hydraulic handbrake. Stainless brake lines and M10x1 fittings to do the brake lines. Get the Emerald up and running, as I haven't done that yet since I brought it moons ago! Need a fibreglass 400 boot, and I could also do with some suepsnion soon. So we've almost hit a money point. I'll probably wait until I have the money to buy it all at once, and do it like that. In the mean time it looks like the MR2 will keep me out of trouble for a bit.

Roll on next years snowboarding holiday though! :D