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2004-10-21 - 2004-10-21

Gearlever is nearly complete! :D

The grip is soft rubber, so won't slip out of my hand when I reach for it. That's the only trouble I see with using something that's a straight cylinder.

There's a bit of welding to do in order that the pieces are all put together, but I really need to be up the garage for a trial fitting to see how long the 'gymbal' needs to be. If it's not right the gearstick won't be centrally mounted in the bearing in neutral. It would have been nice to have done an adjustable version, but it was hard enough coming up with something that won't break and isn't adjustable!

Ah well, can't wait until the MR2 is back on the road, and then I can get up the garage and do some real stuff on the Manta.