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2005-08-08 - 2005-08-08

Well, the Manta is on it's side. On the spit roast that was made for Matt's manta when it had a shell!!

I am stripping the underside of all seam sealant and underseal. Then I will stitch weld the chassis legs, inner wings, turrets, etc.

With the done, it'll be time to spray the underneath and engine bay, and the interior. Lastly, it'll get sprayed outside, and then everything will get bolted on and together after a good tidy up and clean. Especially those things that bolt on under the car, such as the rear diff and axle.

The car will be white underneath, and the subframe and axle will be painted brightly to enable me to spot leaky bits easily.

Here she is on her side...

Hopefully the next update will be when I've completely stripped the underside of crud!