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2005-09-22 - 2005-09-22

Well, it can't all be playing with engines, there's the grimey stuff to do as well. The chassis legs needed looking at, so I decided to take a look inside to what was lurking underneath some spots where rust looked like it had settled in...

Well, the bit that turned out worst was a part of the rail that had no direct signs of rust apart from being a bulge rather than flat. Underneath that, the chassis leg has a hole in it where it has rusted right through. I extended the cut to see if the rail had gone all the way down to the bottom, but the chassis rails internal strength was still there, and it was only the one spot that had rusted right through.

With some good rust treament, some 3mm plate welding and rust inhibitors I think I can get away with mending the chassis rails rather than removing them and replacing them.

I should have the chassis legs done by the end of the weekend I guess if I make it my mission to completely fix them now. That'll be a good part of the underside repairs finished...