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2007-10-20 - 2007-10-20 Perspex Windows

Ages ago I started doing the perspex windows for the Manta, but I really didn't like how it came out, mainly because I wasn't using the standard Manta door window seals. The easiest way to make the windows though, is to use the standard seals, and side runners, including the part that holds the wing mirror:

The doors are mega-heavy to begin with, and could definitely do with some trimming to loose some weight. Fibreglass replacements are available, but

list(a) they don't have any upper frame, so you still have to make a frame for the perspex to use, and

list(b) by the time you've lightened a steel door, it ends up weighing close to the fibreglass ones that are available.

To hold the perspex to the correct shape to make it seal on the standard door window seal, you need to make a frame. This is sometimes bolted on (the works 400 Manta's for example). I decided to weld one on as it seems easier to me.

The perspex is simply cut with a jigsaw and a very fine toothed blade, the risk of the perspex cracking when cutting it is really only high when the weight of the perspex is trying to snap the last section of perspex that you haven't yet cut, so make sure you support the weight of the perspex you are cutting.

Once cut-out, the perspex is positioned in the door, and positions are marked for applying fixings. When you drill the holes for fixings, you need to make sure that you support the rear face of the perspex so that you don't shatter the rear of the plastic. The easiest way, is to drill the plastic on top of a bit of wood.

The rear windows were just cut to fit the hole in the rear quater. Some rubber edging was applied to the shell, and then the perspex screws to fixings on the shell. I haven't finished the rear quaters yet, they are not screwed onto the shell yet.

The rear window is large and must be thermo-formed. I am going to buy one instead of trying to make one. It's going to be almost impossible for me to do because we cannot thermo-form the plastic properly.