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2008-03-22 - 2008-03-22 Diff Bearings need replacing

The bearings on the LSD I have need replacing, and at the same time I might as well replace the pinion bearings too.

Recently, the bearings took a 700% price increase, due to the fact that they are becoming rare.

In fact, the bearing itself is still manufactured and used in many applications. This part number is Timken 19150, a single taper bearing. The race is part number Timken 19269. Unfortunately the race is not used anywhere and is the part that costs the money. I have seen the race listed at £120 on it's own!

A shorter race, Timken 19268 is available very cheaply, but of course it's the wrong size.

None of my races are pitted or marked, so I will likely get the bearings and not the races. I will probably move to a Ford rear axle at some point anyway.

To summarise a list of bearings used in the Manta B rear axle:

Diff Bearings Timken 19150/19269, 1.5" x 2.6875" x 0.7873" Pinion Bearing (A) Timken M99036/M88010, 1" x 2.6875" x 0.875"