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2008-04-08 - 2008-04-08 Fitted the rear windows and steering column

I was in a quandry as to how to mount the rear perspex windows as there aren't too many options. Originally I was going to rivet the perspex to the shell using the small lips where the outer and inner skins of metal are spot welded together.

However, this strip is only about 7mm wide and so the perspex would have to be accurately fitted. It would ideally need to be thermo-formed. I experimented with therm-forming the window but it ended up going a bit wrong! ;)

So, I found some nut plates that are used in the aircraft industry. They are very cool, I really like them. These are also K-nut fittings so there is no worry about the bolts vibrating loose. It will also let me fit replacement windows very quickly.

Excellent, rear windows fitted. Next, I sprayed the steering column flat black and bolted it in. I need to measure up and make the actual column to link to the rack.

Once this is done, I can start work on the electronics to control the steering ECU and finally do some testing to see what levels of assistance I can get from the Corsa electric column.